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Connections on a Train

Recently, while in London, my friend Ngadi and I took a train to Gillingham. As we settled into our seats at a table for four, we were soon joined by a group of five ladies, four of whom sat across from us, with one joining us at our table.

Before we began our journey, I had mentioned to Ngadi that if you talk with people long enough, you often find commonalities and possibly mutual acquaintances. Seizing the opportunity, I asked the lady who joined us if she lived in Reading, the train’s final destination.

She replied that she lived in London, then politely asked if we lived in Reading. Of course, I shared I am from Bermuda, which led to an unexpected connection: she mentioned that her husband used to work at a hotel on the island and they have a good friend from the Bermuda.

As it turned out, Ngadi knew this friend! We marveled at what a small world it is and continued chatting to see if we knew any other mutual acquaintances. We didn’t.

To add to the serendipity, earlier this month, I attended a conference, here in Bermuda, where I met the very friend both Ngadi and the lady on the train knew.

Without sounding crazy, I told the friend about the train encounter and how she was the surprising link in our small world story.

Such moments remind me how interconnected we all are, no matter where we are in the world. So, the next time you are with someone you don’t know, strike up a conversation, see where it leads.


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