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Cherish Each Month

Happy July! 

I recently visited a friend's house and spotted the Let’s Spend The Year Together  calendar proudly displayed in her kitchen. It caught my eye because I was excited to see it and...well, it was still showing March! June had definitely arrived by then, and the mischievous part of me wanted to sneakily flip the pages.

But I stopped. Maybe she loved March’s picture and just couldn't bear to move on. Maybe March held special memories she wanted to revisit. Or maybe, like many of us sometimes, she simply forgot the calendar shuffle.

Whatever the reason, it warmed my heart to see my, I mean, her calendar – it served as a reminder to cherish moments, big and small.

So, this month, how about we celebrate fresh starts? Whether you're a meticulous page-flipper or a sentimental lingerer, here's to embracing July in your own unique way! 

What are you most looking forward to this month? Share your thoughts with me.


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