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A Relay

March 30, 2024

I'm thrilled by the positive reception to the first episode of my podcast, ABWilson’s Heart of the Matter. It fills my heart with gratitude as I express a sincere thank you to SandyB for her invaluable contributions.

Reflecting on our collaboration, I liken our process to a relay race, where each leg plays a vital role in carrying the baton forward. I conducted the interviews and produced the show, passed Sandy the baton to handle the rest; get the show aired and get us to the finish line.

This experience taught me a valuable lesson: to work within my strengths and gracefully embrace the tasks I excel at and enjoy, then find support to complement my skills in areas I may not be as proficient in. Thanks Sandy!

In episode two I interviewed Kat Sanford-Creary. We had a great talk and I learned about Yummy Man!


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