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My 60th birthday is on May 25. I have been reflecting on the passage of time and the fabulous journey that has led me to where I am today. Ten years ago, when I turned 50, I traveled to Bali, a place where I hoped to celebrate on a beautiful beach and undergo profound self-discovery. While I did discover a charming beach, my quest for enlightenment took on a different hue, perhaps a bit more subtle than I initially imagined.


Now, as I approach this milestone birthday, my heart is drawn back to the vibrant energy of Bangkok. The bustling streets, the kaleidoscope of lights, and the symphony of sounds beckon me to immerse myself in the pulse and energy of the city.

With no set itinerary, my only plan is to enjoy the experience, soak up every moment, and capture the essence of this dynamic city through the lens of my camera. I am grateful to have two friends joining me on this adventure, companions to share the laughter and the memories we will create.


As I reflect on this time, it is with a profound sense of gratitude for the many people who have crossed my path along the way. I am acutely aware that reaching the age of 60 is a privilege not afforded to all, and I cherish each moment as a precious gift.


As I stand poised to walk into a new decade, there’s that whisper: where did the time go? Even as I think about this question, I am filled with anticipation for the journey that lies ahead. 




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