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Honored and Thrilled

My agent and art curator, Lisa Howie of Black Pony sent an email to her artists indicating there was an opportunity to display our work in Paris, during the Olympics, if selected.

Of course, I was eager to submit a piece of my photography. I was traveling at the time. Here is the timeline of my submission.

As I sat at the airport in busy Bangkok, preparing to journey back home after three unforgettable weeks of travel, I took the time to submit my art together with a description of the piece and my bio.

When I landed in Qatar there was an email waiting for me - I had to resize the image.

When I landed in London, there was an email waiting for me - I needed to send a picture of myself.

When I landed in Bermuda, there was an email waiting for me - my art had been accepted.

Truly an exciting return journey!

You can read about my piece and the work of other Bermudian artists in the exhibition.


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