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Varied Approaches to self-care

Self-care means something different to everyone, doesn't it?


On my podcast, ABWilson’s Heart of the Matter, I love asking my guests about their self-care practices. The responses are always fascinating—ranging from creating a ritual for getting their hair done to deeper strategies like seeking advice or being mindful of bedtime routines.

discovering what works

As I reflect on this month's theme, I've been exploring my own self-care routine and what works best for me.

Back in January 2023, I embarked on a month-long program focused on healthier living. While I may not follow every practice we learned, I've incorporated more fruits and vegetables into my diet, eat less meat and ramped up my exercise routine. I am also mindful about staying hydrated.


Self-care truly is a personal journey, isn't it? It's about finding what fits into our lives and brings us joy, while also being sustainable. There's no one-size-fits-all approach. The key is to enjoy the practices we adopt, be consistent and reap the benefits and then modify or adapt them as our circumstances change.

prioritizing stress relief

For me, managing stress has been a significant aspect of self-care. As I've transitioned through different phases of life, I've learned to recognize the toll stress can take on my body and mind. Taking time to destress and reset has become essential.


A Therapeutic Hobby

I discovered a powerful self-care tool a few years ago: photography. Simply picking up my camera and immersing myself in capturing moments has a profoundly calming effect. It's like a mini-meditation session, allowing me to find balance and focus amid life's busyness.

Investing in Physical, Mental and Emotional Health

Ultimately, there's no one right way to practice self-care. Explore, experiment, and find what works for you. Whether it's a long walk in nature or on the beach, a relaxing bath, or simply saying 'no' more often. Your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being are worth it. Make the time to recharge and shine.

Here's to nurturing ourselves, inside and out. You deserve it.

Want to explore Self-care through conversations, connections and community? Join me on Thursday May 2 at 6:30pm EDT/7:30pm Bermuda time for the next 3C Gathering.






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